A company to mine 24% of the Kakum National Park


Ghanaians in the country and around the world have been on high alert since news broke of a company’s intention to mine 24% of the Kakum National Park.

Mr Mustapha Seidu, director of the environmental Civil Society Organization, Nature and Development Foundation, revealed that a search on the website of Ghana’s Minerals Commission revealed that a company called High Street Ltd for Mining has applied for a mining license, seeking to mine 24% of the Kakum forest reserve.

He also revealed that 14 other applications to mine the Kakum National Park, in addition to the one from High Street Ltd for Mining, are being considered.

Mr Mustapha Seidu during a stakeholders engagement at Accra on the policy implementation of the recently passed L.I. 2462, expressed surprise that’s anyone will ever conceive the idea of mining in a park as treasured as the Kakum National Park.

The Kakum National Park is one of Ghana’s most visited parks, bringing in a lot of money for the country thanks to its tourist attractions.

The Kakum forest reserve is also home to some of the world’s most endangered and protected spices.


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